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misty nolan

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October 30, 2019

Cagle Wedding | The Henry Smith House | Picayune, MS Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer + Dallas Wedding Photographer + St Louis Wedding Photographer + New Orleans Wedding Photographer + Picayune Wedding Photographer + Texas Wedding Photographer

The Henry Smith House

Picayune Wedding Photographer

Venue: The Henry Smith House

Wedding Planner: Miss Jeannette with The Henry Smith House

DJ: Rachel Maxwell, DJSpy

Cake: Marguerite’s Cakes

Florals: Purchased in Bulk and arranged by family

I met Jamie and Rose sometime early this year, and our meeting (at an amazing bagel shop) was an instant connection. It was literally like I was meeting up with old college friends (and no, I didn’t attend college.. but this is how I imagine it being! ha). We spent nearly 2 hours chatting about their relationship, their vision for their wedding day, embarrassing moments in all of our lives, my family, my work, my passion for weddings and I tell you what.. I was thinking in my mind “if they don’t book me, I may cry myself to sleep for weeks!!” but before we went our separate ways for the day, they said they would love to book me! WAHOOOOO!!!

So what does any professional wedding photographer do? I search for them on FB basically as soon as my butt cheeks hit my seat in my car, “friend request sent” and as I got to follow Jamie’s memes and see their bridal showers thrown by their loved ones, I fell more and more in love with them as a couple!

Jamie and Rose put so much thought and effort into their amazing wedding day, no detail was overlooked and every moment had deep meaning. And their vows, oh my gosh… their ever lovin’ vows! So good, I have said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again- DO YOUR OWN VOWS!! I loved it, everyone attending loved it and there were tears everywhere! I was shooting behind my lens with tears streaming down my cheeks and a smile smeared across my face! So good!

The venue was gorgeous and allowed for the most romantic backdrop for their ceremony and then an equally beautiful space for the reception and ALL OF THE DANCING!!! so much dancing!!! I loved it! Literally the night flew by way too fast and I think it’s because it was non stop entertainment with their guests who all have so much rhythm.. it was wild!

Oh and not to be left out, Rose and her bridesmaids surprised Jamie with a song and dance!!!!!! It was amazing! Like straight out of a romcom amazing! Rose belted the music out with so much love and her bridesmaids were the perfect backup dancers. I freaking LOVED it!

Check out a snippet of their amazing wedding photos below and leave the new Mrs. Jamie and Mrs. Rose Cagle a big congrats!!

Thanks for choosing me and allowing me to become a friend, I adore you two! xoxo, Misty

Misty Nolan Photography specializes in wedding, engagement, and boudoir photography in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas and also in St Louis, MO and Picayune, MS .

Misty is a The Henry Smith House Wedding Photographer.
Misty is a Dallas, TX Wedding Photographer.

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  1. Capri says:

    Oh my gosh.. i cannot believe you are in Dallas now.. I have been searching for a Dallas wedding photographer and I came across your page and I am blown away!!!! Your work is stunning and I am emailing you now!

  2. Whitney says:

    So stunning! So much emotion! I’m so excited that you are in Dallas now as a Dallas Wedding Photographer! My sister is getting married there!

  3. Jamie says:

    My goodness this is stunning! Seriously a wedding photographer that knows what she’s doing, and a fun and beautiful couple clearly in love! Do you only work in Dallas or do you travel as well?